There exists plenty of radio frequency (RF) electromagnetic energy around us.  They can be from radio /TV broadcast, cell phone tower, wifi router, and so on.  The frequency of these radiation spans a broad range of spectrum from several MHz to many GHz.  In a typical urban/suburban environment, the available ambient RF energy is sufficient to power majority of the emerging IoT sensors, processors, and their wireless communications.   At Teratonix, we have developed innovative technologies to simultaneously harvest these otherwise wasted broad-band RF energy.   Teratonix RF energy harvester can replace batteries and is truly maintenance-free.  It is a critical enabler in IoT development by providing effective solutions to wirelessly power billions of deployed IoT devices.


The Teratonix energy harvester is based on the fundamental research of quantum transport in nanoscale metal-semiconductor-metal (MSM) heterojunctions and the subsequent invention of MSM ultrahigh-speed diode.


        Ambient Energy Harvesting