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Current openings:

RF Engineer​


  • Qualification: MS or above​ in Electrical Engineering or related degree

  • Experience:

    • Vector-Network-Analyze, RF circuit/device testing, RF circuit design

    • RF circuit and Electromagnetic simulation tools

    • Experience in Ultra wide-band antenna design is preferred

  • Responsibilities:​

    • Design electronic circuits and components for low power RF wireless charged products

    • Conduct RF performance analyses and testings

    • Conduct the RF circuit designs

    • Collaborate with the device manufacturing team to optimize the products for variety applications

Research Developer


  • Qualification:  PhD in Material Engineering or Electrical Engineering

  • Experience:

    • Knowledge of cleanroom fabrication processes, including thin film, lithography, dry/wet etch, bonding, and characterization. 

    • Knowledge of semiconductor nano-materials and optoelectronic and electronic devices

    • Experience in manufacturing design and material optimization

  • Responsibilities:

    • Define and establish flow, procedures, and equipment configuration for the new semiconductor RF wireless harvesting technology

    • Plan and conduct experiments to fully characterize the process throughout the development cycle

    • Develop new and improve manufacturing processes and materials for the energy harvesting devices

    • Develop strategy to resolve difficult problems and establish methodologies to deal with these problems in the future

    • Collaborate with cross-functional teams and process engineers to meet challenging program goals

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