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The Teratonix energy harvester is based on the proprietary MSM ultrahigh-speed diode, developed at Carnegie Mellon University. The discovery of ballistic quantum transport physics in the unique metal-semiconductor-metal (MSMS) heterojunctions has led to 1,000X increase of diode speed over existing devices.  MSM diode is the only known technology that has the speed/bandwidth and efficiency to simultaneously collect all available RF energies.


MSM Ultrahigh Speed Diode patents have been granted in US ( 9,553,163 B2), European Union, China, Japan, Russia, Australia, Israel, Korea, India and currently pending in other countries. 


MSM Heterojunction Diode Fabrication patent has been approved in US (15/379,422).

Due to the limitations of the state of art methods, alternative devices can focus only on a narrow frequency range, which results in collecting energy from only one source of radiation – Wi-Fi for example.

Another key difference is that we can collect all broadcasted energy, starting from low micro watts all the way up , while current technologies can collect only the most intensive portion of the transmitted energy.

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